NatWest bank tests mobile apps to help people run their lives

NatWest bank is running closed beta tests of banking apps designed to help people navigate major events in their lives

NatWest bank is running closed beta tests of banking apps designed to help people navigate major events in their lives.

People in east London are testing out the ideas, in branches in Shoreditch and Moorgate. The bank wants to make its apps – which are part of its Life is Blank Canvas promotion – more reflective of the lives of its customers.

These apps are not the transactional apps normally associated with banks. They include: HouseMove, which will help people through the process of buying a house for the first time: ManageMoney, to help them manage their money; and Spendorama, that uses games and challenges to help people avoid wasting money.

The apps use large datasets to understand customer behaviour and offer relevant advice.

NatWest is working with digital consultancy BoldRocket on the apps.

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Improving bank customers' lives

NatWest said: “Having a clear view of your money is a step towards handling things in life a bit better. So we’re creating a few simple apps that let you do this in ways you will not have seen before.”

NatWest said the branches in Shoreditch and Moorgate are being refurbished to better serve customers.

NatWest is also keen to emphasise the importance of its branch network. This mobile app trial coincides with a revamp of branches and, if the east London branch refits are successful, they will be mirrored across 300 more branches.

Britain’s high street banks are attempting to use digital trends to engage the public, for which Barclays bank provides another example. In January 2015, the bank launched its Code Playground, which uses the Scratch 1.4 program, to help children learn to code.

Through the Code Playground initiative, children and adults can learn coding online or in branch. 

Click here to sign up to the trials.

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