SAP Hybris launches a 'contextualised' marketing platform

SAP introduces marketing system that brings customer data into one place for “contextual marketing”

SAP is advancing its 2013 acquisition of customer engagement software company Hybris with the introduction of a marketing system that brings customer data into one place for “contextual marketing”.

In September 2014, the supplier announced it had brought Hybris into its stable of customer engagement products, including SAP Cloud for Sales, SAP Cloud for Service, SAP Cloud for Marketing and SAP Cloud for Social Engagement.

Brian Walker, chief strategy officer at Hybris Software, said of the latest development: “We are executing on the roadmap from then. It represents a set of innovations that focuses on what we do well, which is to link data together to drive enterprise capabilities in an open way. Our focus is to tie together customer engagement with contextualised marketing.

“The platform we are announcing addresses a lingering, long-standing issue, which is that marketers do not have a capability to understand the dozen to 30 or so marketing data stores they are working with as a whole. None of them are tied together,” he added.

“The context of where the customer is in terms of their research, purchase or service journey is absolutely not linked to marketing communications. So marketers are spamming the life out of their marketing files. What we are offering now is the ability for the marketer to contextualise what they are sending.

“With every search, browse, email open or site visit, individual customers are telling us about what they want or need, their desires and intents in that very moment. Until now, these signals of intent have been near impossible for marketers to leverage,” said Walker.

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The SAP Hybris Marketing platform will exist in an “ecosystem”, he said. Partners for the product include Adobe; Marketo; Turn, a data service provider; Sprinklr, for social media listening; Facebook; and Google.

“It will not require SAP Hana, but it has been developed to work well with it,” said Walker.

Hybris customers include Asics, 3M, EE, Galeries Lafayette, Johnson & Johnson, Levi Strauss & Co, Nestlé, Nespresso, Samsung Electronics, Ted Baker, Tommy Bahama and W.W. Grainger.

James Stone, general manager at Asics Global Enterprise Solutions, said the sportswear company is in a position where it is essential to create a single marketing platform that unifies all customer data. 

“The SAP Hybris Marketing solution provides us with a powerful capability to collate, analyse and act on granular customer data for the first time. Its open nature allows us to extend the platform to capture a wide range of additional data, from point of sale to our personal training platform, MyAsics,” he said.

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