Sky to reorganise news desk for digital age

Sky News is planning to reorganise its digital and television news operations to address the changing digital world

Sky News is planning to reorganise its digital and television news operations to address the changing digital world.

Sky intends to invest further in its digital journalism products, in line with how its customers consume digital media. The company also plans to modernise its news team to ensure both television and online channels are core parts of the Sky News offering.

“Sky News is reorganising its newsroom to fully prepare for its future in a fast-changing industry," said a spokesperson for the media outlet. "We believe the changes proposed will fundamentally transform our newsroom so we can continue to be a leading news organisation in a digital world.”

Sky has opened up a consultation period to inform staff about the proposed changes and provide those affected with the opportunity to suggest their own changes before any new structure is put in place. This period will end in March 2015. 

Sky News is a 24-hour, multimedia news channel, providing audiences with the latest updates across a wide range of platforms, including television, online and mobile. It currently serves an audience of around 107 million people.

Red Hat IT upgrade

To ensure the scalability and resiliency of its operations, Sky News recently deployed Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation and Red Hat Satellite in two datacentres. The upgrade of the organisation's IT infrastructure allows it to deliver flexible broadcasting and publishing.

Sky News project team leader James Murphy told Computer Weekly in December 2014 it is essential the company's systems are up at all times to broadcast news 24/7.

"We never know when news is going to break, so even scheduled downtime isn’t an option, " he said. "And we have to cope with very uneven traffic flows because a major piece of breaking news can happen at any time, resulting in huge, unanticipated peaks that we have to handle."

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