Tesco launches app for Glass as Google pulls programme

Supermarket Tesco has launched its own shopping app for Google Glass in the same week Google announced it is pulling the product

Supermarket chain Tesco has launched its own shopping app for Google Glass just days before Google announced it will be pulling the product, which has reached the end of its Explorer Programme phase.

Tesco launched its Glass application, called Tesco Groceries, on 13 January as part of its own Tesco Labs innovation programme.

Tesco Labs has been experimenting with versions of the app for different wearables, and started working with Glass in June 2014.

The Tesco Groceries app will allow Glass users to use voice commands such as “OK, Glass, find a product: cheese” to search or scan for available Tesco products, look at nutritional information for goods, and add items to their online basket. They can then order and buy the items through the Tesco app on their smartphone.

However, you have to be able to get your hands on a Glass in order to use the app. And a few days after the release of the Tesco Groceries app, Google announced that Glass would be separated from Google X labs to become its own brand.

According to the announcement, the Glass Explorers Programme was meant to act as an open beta. Now the programme has come to an end, Google will stop selling Google Glass Explorers Edition on 19 January 2015 until it decides what to do next.

Since it was announced in 2012, Glass has been used in a number of projects designed to improve customer and personal experiences.

It has, for example, been suggested that Google Glass could be used for HR purposes to show a new-starter around the office and introduce them to people.

However, it has also been criticised as a potential invasion of privacy, as it could be used to take photos or videos without others knowing.

This is not Tesco’s first venture into the world of augmented reality (AR). It has previously developed image recognition software capable of informing employees whether products are placed correctly on shelves.

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