Surrey County Council readies shared cloud on Nutanix

Surrey County Council has migrated its datacentre infrastructure to a shared service, hosted platform based on Nutanix

Surrey County Council has migrated its datacentre infrastructure to a shared service, hosted platform based on Nutanix.

The platform, which is being implemented by system integrator Virtuoso, will allow Surrey County Council to offer connectivity, cloud, virtualisation and application hosting services to not only its own organisation, but also to other local government and healthcare organisations across the region.

Based on Nutanix’s 6060 web-scale platform, Surrey is deploying a total of 60 CPU cores, with 768GB of memory and 23TB of storage, which the council hopes will drive down IT operations costs.

Housed in a 170-rack datacentre, Nutanix is being used to support Surrey’s regional borough and district councils through shared IT infrastructure.

The shared service and infrastructure will enable Surrey to offer a new cloud-based infrastructure, and allow it to consolidate IT onto a common platform which the councils will be able to share.

Surrey County Council CIO Paul Brocklehurst said the local authority will have shared applications over the coming years.

"We are working with the boroughs on a joint strategy to merge datacentres and networks," he said.

The overall vision is to put 11 boroughs and district councils – as well as hospitals and more than 200 schools – on a shared cloud IT infrastructure.

Brocklehurst’s strategy is for Surrey to offer a G-cloud-like cost model, where the cost of IT grows as the hardware scales.

Commenting on the value of Nutanix, Brocklehurst said: "This platform helps us to share IT in a commercially viable way. We can move a lot quicker and it is easier to deploy."

Surrey County Council chose Nutanix due to the way IT costs can be controlled as more infrastructure is enabled, avoiding upfront capital expenditure.

Brockelhust added: "Nutanix and Virtuoso will enable the council to deliver cost-effective, scalable and robust IT services to our local partners, ultimately helping us deliver on our long-term strategy to rationalise and consolidate local government services across the region, saving costs and delivering a better experience to our residents."

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