IT at Coca-Cola Enterprises attains low-energy accreditation

The IT department at Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) has completed Stage 3 of the Low Energy Company accreditation

The IT department at Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) has completed Stage 3 of the Low Energy Company (LEC) accreditation for energy efficiency.

In doing so, CCE has become the first company to achieve an LEC IT accreditation.

"It is a major achievement to have been awarded this accreditation, and something we regard as a crucial step in our journey towards greener IT," said Kevin Sirjuesingh (pictured, left), director of business process optimisation at Coca-Cola Enterprises.

"The time has come for IT to increase its focus on the sustainability agenda, and we see this as an important development, both for CCE and the broader business world," he added.

The LEC course raises awareness among IT staff of carbon reduction opportunities, who can then share that information with colleagues across the organisation, said Sirjuesingh.

The 15 people who took the LEC training were selected from different areas of IT at CCE. 

"We selected IT professionals who had the technical expertise to undertake the course and who could identify opportunities for carbon reduction in their day-to-day jobs," said Sirjuesingh.

Coca-Cola Enterprises already works across its supply chain to focus on energy efficiency and sustainability, but Sirjuesingh believes IT needs to step up and focus on how it can contribute to the overall sustainability agenda.

The IT-focused training course – delivered by the Energy Manager’s Association (EMA) and training provider Tivarri – was developed to help IT professionals understand power usage in their organisation by demonstrating the potential carbon impact of IT systems.

The accreditation was officially presented to Sirjuesingh at the EMEX conference in London by EMA CEO Rupert Redesdale (pictured, right).

Once organisations have reached a certain level of training provision from the EMA – which will vary for different industries – they will be audited and listed as LEC compliant.

"As a sector, computing now produces more carbon than the aviation industry, most of which comes from the office space," said Redesdale. "However, extremely few IT managers have environmental qualifications and most organisations are simply unaware of their footprint in this area. The EMA-led training course and accreditation, which Coca-Cola Enterprises has become the first company to complete, is aimed at addressing this issue."

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