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DataDirect Networks adds Amazon S3 gateway to WOS platform

DataDirect Networks (DDN) announces Amazon S3 gateway device for its Web Object Scaler (WOS) storage platform

DataDirect Networks (DDN) has announced an Amazon S3 gateway device for its Web Object Scaler (WOS) object storage platform.

The new hardware adds Amazon S3 connectivity through a set of 1U boxes that contain the memory and processing necessary for S3.

The move allows DDN WOS customers to write data and applications to Amazon’s S3 platform, currently the most popular cloud object platform, via REST APIs.

WOS S3 scales to more than 5,000 concurrent sessions and more than 5 billion stored objects in a single namespace. It adds cloud object storage connectivity to the WOS platform that includes GPFS, object storage/REST for on-premises and NFS/CIFS file access storage.

The S3 gateway is aimed at customers with a need to store and server large amounts of unstructured data. These might include service providers and those looking to provide a service provider-like platform; universities, for example, that want to provide students and staff access to a collaboration environment, coursework and learning resources.

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Customers need to start with a minimum of five hardware boxes. These handle cluster management, cluster quorums and high availability, and can deal with 500 concurrent users. The DDN platform supports 11 different S3 API calls. Users can add further instances of the S3 gateway up to a maximum of 10 in a namespace.

DDN's Web Object Scaler (WOS) is software designed for a range of types of unstructured distributed data at web-scale volumes.

It can run on DDN's WOS High Performance or Archive appliances or on third party hardware.

WOS scales out in clusters of up to 256 nodes. Clusters can be combined to create a distributed namespace up to one exabyte in size and containing 32 trillion objects, accessed using REST APIs and via file system gateways using NFS, CIFS and IBM's GPFS.

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