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Tintri raises capacity and adds Hyper-V in hybrid flash T800 series

Hybrid flash firm Tintri boosts capacities and adds Hyper-V support in T800 series with upgrade to operating system

Hybrid flash array maker Tintri has announced the addition of the T800 hardware series, and an operating system upgrade that adds Microsoft Hyper-V storage support.

Tintri's T880, T850 and T820 offer base unit capacities of 78TB, 52TB and 20TB (claimed effective capacities of 100TB, 66TB and 23TB) in a 4U box with around 10% of that volume made up of flash drives.  

The NFS-connected T800 devices support 3,500, 2,000 and 750 virtual machines (VMs) respectively, based on an “average” VM of up to 40GB and 120 IOPS, according to Tintri director of systems engineering, Mark Young. The increase is made possible by an improved operating system managing more virtual disks.

Tintri marries low-latency flash with bulk capacity on spinning disk and targets virtual machine environments. It does away with volumes, LUNs and RAID groups, and maps I/O requests directly to the virtual disk.

Upgrades to version 3.1 of Tintri’s unnamed Linux-based operating system (OS) software will add Microsoft Hyper-V support to its arrays, which already supports VMware and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV).

The addition of Hyper-V means Tintri now supports three hypervisors alongside each other, from a single instance of Tintri storage. Users can view all storage from all hypervisors from a single screen with vCenter, Hyper-V or RHEV marked in the “hypervisor” column on the UI.

Tintri nodes can be added and managed singly from Tintri Global Center.

Another new feature in version 3.1 is integration with VMware’s Site Recovery Manager in Tintri ReplicateVM, which allows per-VM replication.

Meanwhile, a REST API has been added to the Tintri Automation Toolkit alongside PowerShell capabilities. The REST API enables further integration with third-party products – with private cloud operations, for example, where a user wants to capture billing data or orchestrate data protection operations.

Tintri has added self-encrypting disks and key management in version 3.1 of the OS.

Tintri’s existing T600 series remains available but the T540 – which has been on the market for around three years – will be discontinued with the release of the T800 series.

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