Oracle OpenWorld 2014: Oracle collaborates with Vodafone to dive into IoT

Oracle has announced an internet of things (IoT) collaboration with Vodafone at its annual Openworld user conference

Oracle has announced an internet of things (IoT) collaboration with mobile giant Vodafone at its annual Openworld user conference.

In working with Vodafone, Oracle hopes to develop systems to support the proliferation of internet-connected devices using the cloud.

“Vodafone is a significant force in the IoT space and we have a major focus on the cloud,” said Lois le Guisquet (pictured), executive vice-president for Oracle EMEA. “So we are going to collaborate jointly to help us go into that future and help develop solutions in that space.”

The collaboration with Vodafone signals further movement for Oracle into the world of IoT and cloud.

“Vodafone’s leading positions in both M2M and digital networks, combined with our laser focus on becoming number one in the cloud with the broadest cloud offering in the industry, will create a compelling combination and many future opportunities for our customers and our customers’ customers,” said le Guisquet.

Kicking off its Openworld conference in San Francisco, le Guisquet said nearly all industries are being affected by IoT, such as automotive with connected cars, public sector for smart cities, as well as mobile health (mHealth).

Discussing how IoT could affect mHealth, le Guisquet noted there has been a big increase in personal health and fitness devices, such as the Fit Bit, Nike Fuel Band and Apple Watch.

“It’s not about going to the doctor for a test to measure your blood pressure, it’s about having those metrics 24/7, 365 days a year, constantly monitoring oxygen or sugar levels,” he said. “It’s a massive change and it’s going to help better tune the level of prescriptions people need and help prevention tremendously.

“It will empower all of us and change the relationship between health professionals and ourselves.”

European datacentres to support cloud

Oracle also announced the expansion of its datacentres in Europe to help with its advance of cloud systems. Two new datacentres in Frankfurt and Munich in Germany join its 19 datacentres across the world.

“This focus [on cloud] from Oracle just goes on and keeps expanding,” said le Guisquet. “It’s about having the best cloud solution, also about delivering cloud as close to the customer as possible.”

Le Guisquet said these additional datacentres will address security and proximity concerns as the company is seeing very rapid cloud adoption. “We are ready to respond to that demand,” he said.

Retail and the cloud

To further demonstrate the company’s dedication to the cloud, le Guisquet described how UK retailer Crew Clothing has been using Oracle’s cloud-based marketing technology to retain more customers and increase customer loyalty by 20%.

According to le Guisquet, the retailer wanted a system that would analyse data quickly and help it develop a marketing strategy based on strong insights.

In September, Oracle announced an increase in its cloud revenues increase by 5.5% during its first quarter (2014-15). Cloud revenue from software as a service (SaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) increased by 32% to $337m, while cloud revenue from infrastructure as a service (IaaS) rose by 26% to $138m. 

Computer Weekly will be reporting from Oracle Openworld in San Francisco, with 60,000 people expected to attend this year’s conference. Click here for our guide to Oracle Openworld 2014.

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