Energy Saving Trust deploys Esri for Cognos to support policymakers

The Energy Saving Trust, has deployed Esri for Cognos to provide instant access to its mapping analytics portal

The Energy Saving Trust, which provides impartial advice on carbon reduction, has deployed Esri for Cognos to provide instant access to its mapping analytics portal.

The trust will use Esri to provide real-time geospatial information, overlaid with demographic information and building Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) for local government, energy company planners and policy makers.

Will Rivers, data insight manager at EST, said: "Even large energy providers take an old-school approach. Installers need to knock on the door of every home in a street to install home insulation."

Given that there are more than 27m addresses in UK, Rivers said there is an opportunity to provide the energy companies and government planners with real-time datasets, which can be displayed on a map and analysed spatially to support energy-efficiency programmes.

Rivers said one of the ways Esri is being used is to support policy makers in Scotland. Using an EPC he said the Energy Saving trust is able to build a dataset that models 50 parameters related to energy across every home in Scotland: "Local authority can drill down and look at an individual street or estate – to see what scheme would benefit the area."

By using this statistical modelling he said it is possible for the EST to infer data related to other houses in a street based on the EPC of other houses in the same area. 

"You end up with a rich data set. We can overlay the prevalence of electrical heating, or average wind speed plus social demographic data for issues like fuel poverty to help government [policy makers] target specific issues," he said.

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