Quantum launches DXi6900 enterprise data deduplication backup box

DXi6900 aimed at enterprise users as Quantum plans to reduces data deduplication backup product family to one that includes the V-Series virtual appliances and the midrange DXi4700

Quantum has made the DXi6900 disk backupdata deduplication device available, along with a roadmap that will see other devices in the DXi range eventually discontinued.

Quantum will focus its data deduplication hardware efforts on the V-Series virtual appliance, the midrange DXi4700 and the new enterprise-class DXi6900, which scales from 17TB to 510TB of physical capacity and has throughput of 16TB per hour.

The focus on those three products will see the discontinuation of the DXi6700, DXi6800 and DXi8500, although Quantum would give no end-of-life dates at present. Discontinuation will depend, said the company’s senior product marketing manager Stephane Estevez, “upon acceptance of the DXi6900.”

Aimed at big dataset use cases such as media/broadcasting and oil and gas, the DXi6900 comes with dual controllers (not present in the DXi4700) and a new iteration of Quantum’s file system, StorNext 5, which was announced late last year. A scale-out file system that can expand to 5 billion files, StorNext 5 will be extended to the DXi4700 later this year.

The new dedupe box comes with capacity on demand. It is shipped with capacity that can be turned on as needed via the purchase of new licences.

More on backup deduplication

Data deduplication has become a mainstream part of the backup process in recent years. Data is reduced in volume by the removal of duplicate chunks, which are replaced with pointers to the original.

This can happen at source, with backup software reducing data before it is sent to the backup target. This method is particularly suited to backup of remote locations where data is subsequently sent over the WAN to a central datacentre

Alternatively data can be deduplicated at the target on disk-based backup devices such as Quantum’s. Where it used to be the norm to back up straight to tape, data now often goes to target dedupe hardware before being staged off to tape some time later, a time period that allows for rapid restoration of data from the disk-based hardware.

Quantum data deduplication products reduce data inline – that is, they process it as it is ingested. By contrast some other vendors’ data deduplication products have a landing area where data is held before it is deduplicated.

Quantum products also provide global deduplication, where data is compared across all instances of the dedupe devices to further reduce volumes.

Quantum’s so-called hybrid data deduplication allows an agent on the backup server to start the data reduction process before the data goes to the target. This sees some data deduplicated both at source and at target, and is similar to EMC Data Domain’s DD Boost.

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