F5 Networks buys cloud DDoS specialist Defense.Net

Application delivery firm F5 Networks shores up security offering with purchase of cloud-based DDoS mitigation outfit Defense.Net

F5 Networks has forked out an undisclosed sum to shore up its security offering, buying privately held distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) security services specialist Defense.Net.

Defense.Net claims its cloud-based DDoS mitigation service, based in new-build, fully redundant datacentres, can scrub even the largest DDoS attacks and offer 10 times the defence bandwidth per customer when compared to competitors.

F5 said it believed Defense.Net’s service was complementary to its on-premise DDoS capabilities, and would enable it to address attacks best detected and mitigated through on-premise appliances – such as mid-volume, SSL or application targeted attacks, and major volumetric attacks best addressed in a cloud scrubbing facility.

Suggesting the scale of the potential opportunity, F5 highlighted TechTarget’s 2014 IT Priorities Survey, which suggested 45% of buyers would be adding new capacity around network security and 35% planned to add threat detection and management capabilities.

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F5 strategic solutions executive vice-president, Manny Rivelo, said: “Customers ultimately want a unified solution that seamlessly blocks DDoS attacks at the appropriate network location for the type of threat. The appeal of a hybrid solution is that it combines the best of on-premise and cloud-based protection.”

Defense.Net founder Barrett Lyon, who set up his first DDoS mitigation firm Prolexic – now part of Akamai – while at university, said F5’s own product engineering showed a comparable focus on scale and performance to Defense.Net’s.

“Customers of all sizes will be able to ensure business-critical applications and networks are protected and available under the most demanding conditions regardless of the volume, type, or source of DDoS attack,” he said.

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