Connecting Tech City unveiled for East London’s young people

Connecting Tech City launched to forge deeper connection between East London businesses and young people

A campaign has been launched to forge a deeper connection between London’s digital economy and local young people.

The Connecting Tech City initiative is inviting technology companies, schools, teachers and parents to donate and spread awareness across social media. The campaign has a starting target of £50,000. 

Rewards in return for donating range include ‘I grow Tech City’ badges, invites to a Tech City Insider 100 dinner and a discounted place on Decoded’s Code in a Day course.

The campaign includes a web platform for young people, parents, schools and colleges. Here they can learn about Tech City and the employment campaigns run in the East London cluster.

According to TechCity UK, a group supporting the growth of digital business across the country, the number of digital firms across London grew from 50,000 to 88,000 between 2009 and 2012, with the largest growth in East London.

Connecting Tech City will be headed up by Centre for London think tank, and backed by TechCity UK, Tech London Advocates, City University and Decoded, among others.

Bloomburg recently hosted an event to highlight the need for Tech City firms and young people to work closer together. 

Rushanara Ali, MP for Bethnal Green and Bow and Shadow Minister for Education, Gerard Grech, chief executive of TechCity UK, and Sarah Wood, COO and co-founder of Unruly were present to show their support.

On the campaign, Ben Rogers, director of Centre for London said: “We are launching this as a truly collaborative campaign across London’s tech and education communities. If successful, Connecting Tech City will mark a step-change in relations between East London’s digital cluster and the broader local economy. We urge Londoners to get involved and help build the most socially inclusive tech cluster in the world."

Gerard Grech, chief executive of TechCity UK, said: “For the UK tech sector to grow, we need to invest more in developing local talent. East London’s cluster can lead the way, but we need to do more to connect businesses to schools and get local young people involved.”

Sarah Wood, COO of Unruly, said: “Today's launch will help Tech City businesses come together in a more co-ordinated way to develop the talent of the future. London is a magnet for the hottest international talent but that's not enough by itself. High growth tech companies, such as Unruly, are experiencing an acute skills shortage and it's critical we nurture homegrown talent too.”

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