Colt increases colocation datacentre capacity in London and Hamburg

The carrier-neutral datacentre and colocation facility provider, is increasing its datacentres in London and Hamburg by 2MW to meet Europe's datacentre demand

Colt, the carrier-neutral datacentre and colocation facility provider, is increasing the power of its datacentres in London and Hamburg by 2MW (megawatt) to meet growing demand in Europe.

Colt recently added 1000m2 of data halls to its London 3 datacentre, located in Welwyn Garden City, bringing the total space available within the facility to 6,500m2.

Built with a modular design, the facility now includes a total of eleven datacentre halls. A modular datacentre is different from a traditional datacentre in that it is a portable infrastructure designed for rapid deployment, energy efficiency and high density. It also helps businesses save time and costs in building their own datacentre.

Until now, there has been a lack of clarity on the actual savings that containerised datacentres provide but a DCD Intelligence report last year revealed that it may cost an enterprise 14% less to deploy than building a traditional bricks and mortar datacentre.

The research also found that the greater density and more efficient use of space mean that modular facilities are able to achieve significantly better power usage effectiveness (PUE).

“The expansion of our London datacentre 3 facility highlights the increasing demand for flexible datacentre space in the UK. It was September 2012 we last expanded the facility. However, we hit capacity at the beginning of 2014, triggering the build of the next two data halls,” said Detlef Spang, executive vice president of Data Centre Services at Colt.

“It also draws our attention to the changing demand for datacentres – it’s not just about size or location, it’s about efficiency, reliability and security,” Spang added.

The London 3 facility is a tier III hub and is Colt’s largest in the City. The three carrier-neutral facility provides direct connectivity between Colt’s other two datacentres, and connects to a further 59 third-party datacentres in London and to 2,000 buildings in the London area. 

The datacentre, which has received Uptime Institute’s Management & Operations certificate, provides a total power provision of 33 MVA and offers a PUE of 1.21.

Colt is also expanding its datacentre facility Hamburg 1 in Germany by an additional 565m2 of built space. This is the first expansion of the 13-year-old facility and will be completed in August 2014. 

Hamburg accounts for approximately 5% of the total of Germany’s datacentre supply. It is part of the Colt Metropolitan area network, which has over 700 connected buildings.

Expansion of the two datacentre sites comes as analysts forecast a 22% growth rate for the datacentre demand by 2019.

“Demand [for colocation] in both our London and Hamburg facilities is increasing exponentially," Spang said. "We see the increase in demand as a positive sign that businesses are becoming more focused on their data and the importance of where it is located, both in the short and long term."

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