VirtualWisdom4 boosts storage performance with server, app views

Virtual Instruments’ VirtualWisdom4 aims for admin-friendly server, app and storage-centric views of SAN performance with “entity-based” approach to storage monitoring tool

SAN performance tools supplier Virtual Instruments has upgraded its VirtualWisdom product to allow administrators to view performance from the application, server or storage point of view. The new VirtualWisdom4 will also allow monitoring of storage performance in NetApp NAS environments and is now also available as a hardware or virtual appliance.

SAN monitoring tool VirtualWisdom was designed to tap into storage traffic and interrogate Fibre Channel frames and the SCSI payload they carry. It does this by creating an out-of-band copy and monitoring performance characteristics so administrators can see traffic bottlenecks in terms of I/O, throughput, utilisation, queue depth, and so on.

VirtualWisdom4 has added a reporting layer via a new web-based UI that allow administrators to view, for example, from the server point of view. It will therefore be possible to see an organisation’s entire server estate, spot where I/O bottlenecks are occurring and rebalance the virtual machine load across physical devices.

There are also application and storage views that will show where hotspots are occurring and provide SLA-friendly information.

Chris James, EMEA marketing director at Virtual Instruments, said: “This is what we call an entity-based approach. We wanted to simplify getting data off the platform and provide a logical representation of physical devices. The intention is to provide information to the user by role.”

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In these entity views, there are analytics modules, including: Balance Finder, which reports on load-balancing across devices; Event Advisor, which alerts users of unusual events, such as Fibre Channel congestion; and Trend Matcher, which cross-references findings from multiple modules to unearth possible causes.

VirtualWisdom4 introduces the supplier’s first NAS monitoring capability with ProbeNTap, a NetApp-specific software probe that can gather information on Ontap (NetApp’s operating system) RPC calls, throughput and I/O for different workloads.

Virtual Instruments will makes VirtualWisdom4 available in a preconfigured hardware appliance or as a virtual appliance to run in a hypervisor.

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