G-Cloud chief claims customers have made £120m savings

G-Cloud and digital commercial programme director Tony Singleton has claimed public sector organisations have saved over £120m by purchasing services through the G-Cloud framework

G-Cloud and digital commercial programme director Tony Singleton has claimed that public sector organisations have saved over £120m buying services through the G-Cloud framework.

In a blog post, Singleton claimed organisations are seeing average savings of around 50% by using G-Cloud.

So far, over £124m has been spent through the framework, which, on the basis on Singleton’s claim, would equate to over £120m worth of savings since its inception in 2012.

“On average, we saw savings of around 50% and there are examples of some companies saving more than this,” he said in the blog post.

“Other benefits for buyers include greater transparency, flexibility, a simpler, clearer, faster way to buy and ultimately better value for the taxpayer – once the requirement has been defined, we have put a contract in place in three minutes!”

Singleton also said a report would be published shortly identifying cost savings in more detail.

“G-Cloud is about more than sales; it is about transforming the way the public sector buys cloud-based services, and it is one of the frameworks supporting a wider business IT transformation,” wrote Singleton in the blog post.

“We need to ensure that everyone involved with IT both in central government and the wider public sector, fully understands the benefits of cloud technologies as well as how G-Cloud works and the benefits it offers.”

But Singleton did note that the G-Cloud framework itself does not “sidestep the competitive procurement process as each iteration of the framework goes through a full OJEU.

“What it does do, is give organisations an overview of the services available to them before they begin their own procurement.”

G-Cloud is currently part of the remit of the Government Digital Service (GDS), which recently announced plans to build a Government Digital Marketplace to combine the CloudStore and other digital frameworks.

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