Vodafone wins 500,000 4G customers in six months

The mobile operator celebrates the milestone that sees it rolling out the faster data connections across 208 cities and towns in the UK

Vodafone has signed up 500,000 customers to its 4G packages in its first six months, it announced today.

The mobile operator launched its 4G network back in August – the same day as rival O2, but almost a year behind first-to-the-market EE. In that time, it has, or is in the process of rolling out, the speedier connections in 208 cities and towns across the UK, and now claims to cover 36% of the population.

Vodafone said users on its Red 4G plans were using on average twice the data than its 3G customers, although consumers are offered three months of unlimited data as a "test drive" to see how much data they use on average each month. 

It also claimed business users had upped their consumption of mobile data by around 1GB per month and have been given the equivalent for free on top of their existing contracts to encourage the trend.

Jeroen Hoencamp, CEO of Vodafone in the UK, said: “It’s particularly exciting to see how the nation is embracing 4G in their everyday lives. Now people in more towns and districts can enjoy Vodafone ultrafast 4G and get closer to the action with our great entertainment packages.”

“4G is also proving a big hit with our SME customers, such as NearDesk and Fulham FC, where high-speed downloads, HD video and video conferencing are driving productivity. 4G is quickly changing the way the UK works. It’s making a huge impact on our corporate and public sector customers who really see the value of 4G connectivity.”

Vodafone is spending £900m on upgrading its network, on top of the £802m it spent in Ofcom’s spectrum auction last year to acquire the frequencies needed. It has a goal of reaching 98% of the population with its 4G coverage by 2015.

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