Developer salaries hiked up 16% in North West last year

32% North West digital businesses forced to refuse work last year due to a lack of resource, according to Manchester Digital

Digital businesses in the North West had to hike up their salaries to attract developers in 2013 due to a lack of skilled workers available, according to Manchester Digital’s Digital Skills Audit.

The independent trade association for digital business in the region found that almost half (47%) of businesses had to inflate their salaries to remain competitive, with developer salaries increasing an average of 16%.

The audit revealed that 32% of digital organisations in the North West were forced to refuse work last year due to a lack of resource. However, 83% of businesses in the region said they had grown.

The results of the audit were announced at the opening of the Digital Skills Festival, which is running at Manchester Town Hall this week.

Chair of Manchester Digital, Tony Foggett, said: “Every year we carry out a skills audit of digital businesses in the region to help us plan our skills activity for the coming year.

“It enables us to highlight where there are real issues in the industry and means we can work with local and regional government, educators and other relevant bodies to help resolve them."

In addition, Manchester Digital announced its new partnership with Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. The partnership aims to add to the training needs of its 450 members.

Clive Memmott, chief executive of Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, said: “The partnership with Manchester Digital means we can combine forces to assist the training needs of the 450 members, to improve the provision and recruitment of digital apprenticeships to create a truly digital city.”

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