Camden Council launches digital strategy

The London Borough of Camden has launched a digital strategy intended to redesign the way it delivers public services in the council

The London Borough of Camden has launched a digital strategy to redesign the way it delivers public services in the council.

The strategy will offer individual online accounts for all Camden residents and businesses, and use big data and analytics to improve service delivery.

The Digital Camden plan also covers provision of free Wi-Fi services, the creation of a digital innovation fund to spur new ideas, and removal of a “22km mountain of paper” to become a “digital by default” council.

“We’re passionate about innovation, challenging the status quo and getting a much more open approach – technology solutions that work for citizens and businesses and not software suppliers – across the public sector,” said Camden CIO John Jackson (pictured).

“We also wanted a Digital Strategy that was holistic, ambitious and cross cutting because if we truly want digital to transform services and improve lives we need to embed it into everything we do. We also need to get data joining up and get the high-speed connectivity out there for our businesses. So it has to be more than a strategy about channel shift.”

The strategy aims to make use of open source, building partnership with other local public sector bodies and across the UK. The council will also provide investment to help set up coding clubs for children in the borough.

“By the end of the decade users of public services will expect to access what they want 24/7, by a variety of digital means – phone, TV, computer, console. As technology changes, significant disparities in access and opportunity are emerging. Unless this is remedied, the digital divide will be truly entrenched by the end of the decade,” said Camden Councillor Theo Blackwell.

“London will be at the centre of digital growth and it is important that Camden, at the hub of the capital, develops ways of working which ensure that no one is left behind.”

The council is inviting feedback on the digital strategy, with responses requested by 27 February 2014.

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Excellent! I think the Camden emphasis on local smaller businesses, open source and shareable solutions, citizen centric services but also looking at behind scenes technology is a better strategy than the central one which has avoided issues of infrastructure and local support economy.


And how will they deal with the ageing population who are not necessarily Tech savvy or unable to afford internet connectivity with all the associated devices that are needed to make full use of the digital World?