Indian consumers likely to use technology for health and fitness

Indian consumers are enthusiastic about the use of smart digital technology to collect and share lifestyle information, according to global research from Accenture

Indian consumers are enthusiastic about smart digital technology to collect and share lifestyle information, according to global research from Accenture.

The willingness of consumers to share personal information through these devices is an opportunity for consumer facing businesses, with the right business analytics tools.

According to Accenture’s Racing towards a digital lifestyle survey of 6000 people globally, Indian consumers are the most likely nationals to buy apps or a device to monitor health (81%) and fitness (80%). In contrast, in the UK 45% of respondents said they would buy health monitors and 39% fitness monitors.

In its key healthcare industry trends for 2014, CMR said more Indian consumers will start using wearable technology to track their health data, using smartphone apps and standalone smart wearable devices. “In 2014, there would be a new wave of wearable devices in the India market that will boost consumer fitness and wellness. There would be a mix of competing, and occasionally complementary wellness devices that will hit the market.”

The Accenture report said: “New functionality in wearable devices and apps enables consumers to quantify, measure and access analytics data faster and more ubiquitously, including data about themselves.”

Accenture urged consumer technology companies to develop a rich engagement strategy. This engagement strategy will likely be different for each customer segment, Accenture said.

The willingness for Indian citizens to buy applications and devices to monitor health and fitness is a trend that could make it a breeding ground for big data use.TechTarget’s research of over 1,000 IT professionals in Indian businesses revealed that 71.3% are involved with data management and analytics projects at different levels.

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