Top 10 gadget reviews of 2013

Here is a roundup of the top ten Inspect-a-gadget reviews to help you decide what to get for Christmas, or what to grab during the January sales

With each new year comes a plethora of new gadgets, and we’ve been busily reviewing all those that have come our way. From hand-held scanners to the latest smartphones, we’ve done our best to keep you updated on what technology is a must-have, and with Nokia, Blackberry and Apple all releasing new lines of products, there has been some tough competition. Here is a roundup of Computer Weekly's top ten Inspect-a-gadget reviews to help you decide what to get for Christmas or what to grab in the January sales.

Hands on: Huawei Windows 8 phone and giant phablet

This year has been a big year for the advancements of the phablet (a phone the size of a tablet) and this review looks at the Huawei Ascend Mate, the phablet with the “world’s largest screen”.

Hands on: HP ElitePad 900

A nice alternative to an iPad, the ElitePad runs Windows 8 Pro and has a range of accessories available that make it portable and easy to use – perfect of firm-wide BYOD.

Hands on: HTC One

With the struggles that HTC has faced, the performance of the HTC One was one to watch in 2013. This review explains the pros and cons of this handset.

Gadget guide: Tablets

Mid-year, we decided that with the growing BYOD trend, employees everywhere needed to know what the best devices were for mobile working and portability. So here is the Computer Weekly guide to tablets.

Review: IRIScan Mouse

Something a bit different to the usual tablet and smartphone reviews, this handheld scanner transfers documents to a computer – an exceptionally cool gadget.  

Review: The iPad Air

Apple’s latest iPad was knocked for not being different enough to previous iPads, but here we look at how the new tablet can be used for business functions.

Hands on with the BlackBerry Q10

So many smartphones now are giant touchscreen monsters, so this review of the Blackberry Q10 with traditional keyboard is a refreshing look at what else is available on the market.

Hands on: Facebook Graph Search

This review of the “Facebook Graph Search” feature was a scary glance into the future of social media. This feature allows you to search for anyone based on their region, likes and friends. The Graph Search feature may prove useful for companies wanting to search their customer’s interests, but could be a step backwards for user privacy.

Review: Samsung Galaxy S4

As Samsung profits hit record highs and a new smartphone promised for early 2014, this review of the Samsung Galaxy S4 takes into account the ups and downs of larger smartphones.

Review: BlackBerry 10 and the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone

Probably the most anticipated mobile launch of the year, the Blackberry Z10 launch proved to be one of Blackberry’s big success stories despite their ups and downs.

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