Top 10 premium content articles of 2013

Computer Weekly presents a selection of the most popular premium content reports and articles of 2013

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1. CW buyer's guide: Tablets for business

In this, our most popular buyer’s guide, Computer Weekly looks at the use of tablets in business and how the effect of mass adoption of tablets in the enterprise could be far more significant than either the desktop or laptop computer.

2. Technology Industry Survey 2014

From CTOs to software developers, enterprise architects to digital entrepreneurs, this extensive report from Computer Weekly and Mortimer Spinks captures the opinions of people at the forefront of shaping what is next for our industry. The survey covers careers, salary and employment trends, innovation and work-life balance, and much more.

3. Protecting against modern password cracking

This article in our Royal Holloway Security Thesis series explains just how insecure passwords are, and offers advice on alternative methods of security.

4. The human face of big data: Data driven

Software engineers are transforming the daily lives of hundreds of millions of people for good and for ill, writes Jonathan Harris, in this article taken from the book, Human Face of Big Data.

5. World-Class EA: The agile enterprise

Agile is about more than software development, it's a mindset. This report from the Open Group explains how to apply agile techniques and best practices to the enterprise.

6. European IT Law Briefing: Recruitment and social media

Four leading European law firms help you navigate the legal maze when using social media for recruitment in France, Germany, the UK and Italy.  

7. Gartner: Best practices for I&O for cloud-readiness

Gartner analysts explain how infrastructure and operations (I&O) teams can best prepare for the cloud.

8. Finance for IT decision-makers: Making business cases

This extract from Michael Blackstaff's book, Finance for IT decision makers, teaches you how to make effective business and financial cases for IT projects.

9. Understanding the hard ROI of BYOD

BYOD can increase IT costs, rather than decrease them. Companies need to look carefully at a range of variables to calculate the real ROI, says analyst group Nucleus Research.

10. Musings on datacentres

The potential impact on the datacentre from rising energy costs and new technology architectures is huge. This report pulls together articles on the topic written by analyst group Quocirca for Computer Weekly and TechTarget.

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