Startups use AWS re:Invent 2013 as launch pad

Several startups chose AWS re: Invent as a platform to showcase how they utilised the cloud service provider to get off the ground.

Several new startups gained exposure at AWS re:Invent 2013 in Las Vagas this week, after Amazon Web Services dedicated part of its annual conference to startups that had utilised AWS’s platform.

Nitrous.IO helps developers streamline and manage their workflow when developing cloud applications in the cloud. Through providing a suite of services and development infrastructure, the company aims to speed up software development time by reducing the setup, distribution and management time.

Its infrastructure allows a developer to take snapshots of custom environments to share them with a teammate for cloning, so coding can take place immediately.

Nitrous uses AWS EC2 and EBS, throughout seven regions in which AWS operate to reduce latency.  It offers development environment templates for Ruby, RubyonRails, Python, Django, NodeJS and Go.

Koality is designed to increase the productivity of engineering teams, by paralleling long test suites using AWS’s EC2 to decrease the time it takes to test software changes. This allows engineers to spend more of their time coding and less time waiting to see if their changes worked. Koality uses AWS’s EC2, Route 53, ELB, S3 and RDS.

SportXast is a sporting application aimed at sporting fans who want to capture, watch and share sporting highlights from their smartphone. SportXast lets fans follow the action with their smartphone camera and create an instant replay of the past eight seconds. SportXast runs on AWS and uses EC2 to scale for its most popular games. They also use services such as S3 to store and distribute video content.

Also unveiled at AWS re:Invent was the startup CardFlight, which provides hardware for mobile payments. Customers can start transacting in under one hour, with CardFLight providing the middleware between the app developer and the company. The business is based on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model for developers. It uses Amazon’s EC2 for production for staging, RDS My SQL, S3, Node.js solution.

Runscope is a cloud-based API and backend service for debugging and testing. The firm is designed to equip developers with tools to enable them to understand their applications through the development lifecycle. The company’s aim is to make APIs more approachable on the developer side. At AWS re:Invent it is launching Runscope Radar, a cloud-automated mobile backend service testing tool. Runscope runs on AWS, using EC2, VPC, S3, Glacier and Route 53 across four regions globally.

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