EE offers 4G broadband to rural areas

The UK mobile operator is targeting its 4G broadband packages at rural areas missing out from superfast connections

EE has unveiled plans to boost 4G connectivity in rural areas.

The mobile operator, whose 4G network currently reaches over 60% of the population, will launch broadband deals targeted at areas of the UK not served by superfast fixed broadband.

The service, branded “4G powered home broadband products", will launch in November. A statement from EE said: “This will offer huge benefits to rural areas and reaffirms EE’s commitment to bringing 4G to as many people as possible.”

The announcement was part of a broader launch of new 4G tariffs from EE – the first UK operator to offer 4G after Ofcom allowed it to repurpose its spectrum for the faster mobile data back in 2012.

EE will be the first to offer pay-as-you-go plans on the faster network from 30 October, with 30-day data bundles starting at £3 for 100MB and going up to £30 for 10GB. Minute bundles will cost either £3 for 100 minutes, £5 for 200 minutes or £10 for 500 minutes, while text bundles will be priced £2 for 400 texts or £5 for 3,000 texts.

Customers who buy a 4G pay-as-you-go plan before 31 January 2014, and pay a minimum of £10 per month, will receive 2014 free minutes to use throughout the year and 10GB free data.

Current 4G customers who sign up to EE's broadband services will have their data allowance increased to 10GB.

The company will also introduce tariffs for frequent travellers. 4GEE Extra, which from £26.99 will offer inclusive roaming minutes and texts in 30 countries – including the US – on top of free UK minutes and texts and a minimum of 4GB of data.  

Olaf Swantee, CEO of EE, said: “One year after launch, we’ve extended the world’s fastest network across 60% of the United Kingdom. But we want to bring the power of 4GEE to even more people. That’s why this month we are launching new plans for light users, super users, regular users, data sharers and Britain’s mobile workforce up and down the country.

“Whether they want the flexibility of pay as you go, the UK’s most affordable monthly plans, or to make the most from their smartphone with the world’s fastest speeds and biggest data bundles, EE is the number one 4G network.”

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