Government tenders for agile digital developers

The Government Procurement Service (GPS) is putting a cross government framework for agile software development services

The Government Procurement Service (GPS) has put out a tender for a £100m cross government framework for agile software development services.

This will underpin the government’s drive to be Digital by Default.

The tender is looking for suppliers with experience of agile software development techniques and wants them to develop to open standards and use open source.

“This framework requires suppliers who work in an agile way. 

Suppliers must develop digital services adhering to the Government Service Design Manual that meet the Digital by Default Service Standards,”  the tender states.

Central government departments, as well as linked organisations, NHS bodies, non-departmental public bodies as well as local authorities will be served through the suppliers.

The suppliers will provide services such as: software engineering and ongoing support; product development and service design; agile delivery management; front-end design and interaction design; content design and development; system administration and web operations; user research; and embedding agile.

There is a need for IT professionals, both experienced and newcomers with the following roles: developer; technical architect; delivery manager’ product manager; business analyst; content designer; web operations; security specialist; database specialist; network specialist; researcher; agile coach.

GPS said it wants to put the user at the centre, iterate against user feedback; and produce working software and releasing it often by building and testing in small two to three week sprints.

As part of this development teams will be located in the same place. 

“Suppliers are required to work where the government is," the tender said. "Working in an agile way means a customer's and supplier's digital teams work together and the whole project team are in the same physical location.”


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