EE offers customers shared 4G data plans

EE customers will be able to share data plans from this summer, meaning multiple devices can share the same 4G mobile contract

EE has announced that customers will be able to share data plans from this summer, meaning that multiple devices could share the same 4G mobile contract.

These shared 4G plans would be attractive to families and small businesses alike, who could take out a single contract and pay additional bolt-ons for each extra device.

EE also announced that it had passed the 500,000 customer mark and that almost 2,200 major corporations – including Clifford Chase, IKEA and Renault – are now using 4G.

It has been seven months since EE launched its 4G service. However, the operator has pledged to have one million 4G customers by Christmas 2013

But with increased competition set to come from the remaining UK operators - most of which intend to launch their 4G services before the end of the summer - this may be a challenging milestone.

Along with EE’s continued efforts for 4G to reach 98% of the UK by the end of 2014, the company will also target major commuter routes across the country, as well as shopping centres and airport hubs.

Mansoor Hanif, director of network integration and LTE at EE, said the operator will concentrate on the commuter routes in and out of London, as well as the main commuter railways across the country.

He said that EE was keen to tackle the problem of signal loss in tunnels. Where it will not be economical to cover very long tunnels, the operator would look at partnerships to do so.

He also talked about the idea of using cars as mobile femotocells to provide internet signals from vehicles in remote locations. While special projects teams in EE are working on such ideas, Hanif said this idea was still futuristic.

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