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Templeton: Enterprises must think ‘mobile first’

Citrix CEO Mark Templeton claims mobile enterprise should be the rule and not the exception to make employees more productive

Enterprises need to start embracing mobile solutions, not just as one of its choices, but as the default for its employees, says Citrix CEO Mark Templeton.

Speaking to Computer Weekly at Citrix Synergy 2013 in Los Angeles, Mark Templeton said that while the consumer is all about their mobile device, businesses had yet to catch up.

“A tremendous amount of the world is very mobile today and it defines consumer,” he said. “Then in enterprise, it is less defining. It is much more of an exception than a rule in terms of capabilities that are offered to employees of most businesses around the world.”

Templeton claimed this attitude needed to change, both to improve the life of the employee and to save companies cash.

“IT organisations have to change the mindset and start designing for mobility and mobile work styles first,” he said.

This week, Citrix has launched a raft of new features to its solutions portfolio to push for a more mobile workforce, but Templeton claimed it is not just intended for the obvious workers who are out on the move for their jobs.

“[There are] people who are logically mobile, like some in a sales organisation or services organsation,” said Templeton. “But, if you design around mobile first, then the people who are not that mobile, who might be more of a task worker for example, your ability to service them will be lower cost and your ability to move them from one workplace to another and reorganise will cost much less.

“Then, when there is a disruption, even those people will have the ability to access their work environment so they can continue to make a living and you can continue to run your business.”

A recent report from the European Union showed only 48% of companies across the region have provided employees with mobile devices.

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