Relocating IT professionals flock to UK, says recruitment firm

Global recruitment firm Hydrogen has published a report revealing the UK as the second most prominent global technology hub

The UK is becoming a firm favourite for high-flying technology professionals looking to relocate.

Global recruitment specialists Hydrogen’s Global Professionals on the Move 2013 report found the UK is now the second most attractive location in the world for oversees workers, particularly in technology. The report put the US in first place.

Conducted by ESCP Europe, the survey questioned 2,000 people across 90 countries, exploring the experience, attitudes and priorities of highly qualified professionals with regards to working abroad.

Dan Fox, managing director of technology practice at Hydrogen, said: “The US is still the dominant force, but the UK is definitely on the march. The States has Silicon Valley and San Francisco, the UK has Silicon Roundabout near Old Street, where you’ve got all these exciting tech firms opening.

“A lot of Europeans view the UK as a tech hub where you can work for exciting, fast-paced companies. We’re seeing a lot of Europeans coming to work in the UK. It’s all about wanting to work for the up-and-coming companies.”

Michal Tekel is originally from Slovakia and worked in Amsterdam before relocating to London to work as a development operations engineer. He said: “The UK is a very dynamic market for information technology right now, and London the best location in Europe.”

According to the report, 77% of those who had relocated for work said it had benefited their career prospects and 72% said it had enhanced their salaries. Some 83% believed their choice to relocate had accelerated their personal development.

A third of females relocated between the ages of 21 and 30, compared with only 17% of men. Only 5% of women relocated between the ages of 51-60, compared with 17% of men.

The UK also placed second for law and life sciences.

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