Redstation offers 100Gbps data speed for bandwidth-hungry customers

Datacentre provider Redstation offers businesses data speeds of up to 100Gbps as customers demand greater bandwidth

Datacentre operator Redstation has become the first UK facility provider to offer businesses data speeds of up to 100Gbps as customers demand greater bandwidth in the era of cloud, big data and IT consumerisation.

Redstation will roll out a high-capacity network from Virgin Media Business in its two Hampshire-based datacentres before the end of 2013.

The 100Gbps wavelength service comes as enterprises rely more heavily on cloud services, mobile technology and a mobile workforce to run their business operations remotely. This adds pressure to datacentre network connections.

Research and analyst firm IDC said that worldwide tablet shipment grew 142.4% year on year in the first quarter of 2013. IDC also predicted a further surge in mobile and remote working. 

Tablet shipments alone totalled 49.2 million units in the first quarter of 2013, surpassing the entire first half of 2012.

Server virtualisation, cloud computing, big data and the convergence of storage and data networks have resulted in customers demanding more data to be carried around at faster speeds.

“Moving an increasing amount of data around at faster speeds is the number one issue affecting datacentre operators,” said Martin Groom, the company’s managing director.

Modern datacentre management

High-speed bandwidth will help the datacentre provider support data-hungry customers with greater capacity, minimal downtime and avoid data bottlenecks when traffic is at its peak.

According to Redstation, customers will be able to transfer data at a minimum of twice the speed of a typical point-to-point connection offered by most datacentres.

“Businesses are getting more and more data hungry with every passing day. As they become more reliant on cloud services, and mobile working technology to run their operation they need faster and more reliable data transfer between sites. That’s where our high capacity service offering comes in,” said Jeff Wollen, executive sales director of partner markets and public sector at Virgin Media Business.

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