Salesforce readies UK datacentre for 2014

The UK government and regulated industries will have to wait until 2014 before establishes a UK datacentre

The UK government and regulated industries will have to wait until 2014 before establishes a UK datacentre. has announced it will build a UK datacentre operated by NTT Europe.

The deal with NTT Europe is for a European datacentre in the UK to run on 100% renewable energy. It will enable European users to avoid US government controls.

Jeroen Tas, CIO of electronics and heathcare manufacturer Philips, said: “Philips requests explicitly to have a European datacentre, because the US government can subpoena your data.”

Denise McDonagh, director, G-Cloud programme at the Home Office, said: "A lot of people in government are still concerned about public cloud. The Cabinet Office welcomes the fact that Salesforce is opening up." said Europe is its fastest growing market.

Commenting on exporting personal data across borders – which can infringe the UK Data Protection Act – Salesforce chairman Steve Garnett said: “It has not been an issue for many customers, but in regulated industries and governments, data is bound geographically. This has limited what we provide to the UK government, which represents 50% of the market.”

Stephen Kelly, chief operating officer for the government said: “The UK is in a strong position to support fast-growing international companies in delivering innovative social, mobile and cloud services to customers.”

Robin Balen, managing director of NTT Europe's Wholesale datacentre business, said: "Powered 100% by renewable energy sources,'s datacentre in the UK will deliver an environmentally friendly and highly resilient facility for its customers in the region."

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