CIOs offering tablets over laptops

Half of the CIOs in mid-sized business across the UK are considering giving employees tablets rather than laptops

A study by Virgin Media Business has found 50% of mid-sized company CIOs in the UK are considering offering employees tablets instead of laptops.

The survey, which questioned 500 CIOs across the country, revealed half were keen on providing the more lightweight and mobile devices so hot-desking schemes could be adopted.

However, opinions were polarised, as when all company sizes were taken into account, 43% of the CIOs went as far to say the removal of tablets from the corporate environment would have no impact on their businesses.

The majority of companies continued to believe laptops and PCs were essential in the workplace, but close to 15% claimed they could operate their businesses without one or the other.

“We’re at a crossroads about which office hardware to invest in next,” said Duncan Higgins, director of product and marketing at Virgin Media Business. “Clearly there’s a shift away from PCs, but it’s not clear yet if tablets are the heir apparent.

“Half of the market seems to be in favour of them, and the other half wouldn’t even notice if they weren’t around any more.”

The common theme coming from both camps, however, was a need to be more flexible with technology, enabling remote working to reduce costs and implement new services faster.

“What we can say is that businesses want hardware that will free them from their traditional IT shackles,” added Higgins. “They want their workforce to be more flexible, and they want their business to be able to implement change more quickly.

“It strongly hints at a move towards mobile technology, but it’s up for grabs at the moment if this will be answered by tablets, laptops or a hybrid of both.”

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