VMware updates Horizon with workplace bundle

VMware has updated its Horizon View and VMware Horizon Mirage tools and introduced Horizon Workspace to support secure VDI and mobile access

VMware has updated its Horizon View and Mirage tools, and introduced Horizon Workspace, to support secure virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and mobile access.

The new release of Horizon View (View Virtual Desktop 5.2) takes advantage of integration with vSphere to improve VDI and support bring your own device (BYOD) offerings. 

Brian Gammage, VMware chief market technologist, said this allows the platform to make use of disk space and provides native platform graphics processing unit (GPU) support for 3D graphics acceleration.

The Mirage product provides technology to build and deliver Windows images. 

Gammage said the product supports a technique called layers, which enables administrators to group applications based on departmental use, such as a finance layer or human resources layer. It also includes Fusion Pro, which allows IT to create a Windows virtual machine on a Mac.

Horizon Workspace is a new browser-based user interface with a policy engine, which allows users to access shared documents from any device and provides a service catalogue for accessing web-based applications.

The company is separately offering the AppBlast protocol to render the Windows desktop on HTML 5 browsers. VMware is also providing a touchscreen interface on Horizon View clients. The three Horizon products are available as part of a suite.

Jaguar Land Rover is one of the companies looking at the suite. 

“Instead of treating remote work styles as an exception, success at Jaguar Land Rover will mean designing systems and policies assuming that everyone is mobile, using multiple personal devices connecting over both local and global networks,” said Gordon McMullan, acting chief technology officer at Jaguar Land Rover Automotive. 

“VMware's Horizon suite is at the heart of this capability. This will dramatically improve collaboration and productivity of our global workforce,” he said.

The products are due to ship on 4 March 2013. Horizon View will cost £170 per user, Mirage and Workspace will be priced at £102 per named user, and the Horizon Suite will cost £204 per user.

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