Cloud apps, big data priorities for significant slew of UK IT managers

Cloud-based finance and HR applications are spending priorities for a significant minority of UK IT professionals in 2013

Cloud-based finance and human resources applications are spending priorities for a significant minority of UK IT professionals in 2013. Big data is another priority for a small but sizeable group of respondents to this year’s TechTarget IT spending priorities survey among a UK cohort.

Of the respondents, 50% plan to prioritise spending on cloud applications, with customer relationship management (CRM) at 50% a mature practice. However, 20% are situating more sensitive finance applications there, and 17.5% HR applications. Moreover, up the strategic scale, 15% are going for corporate performance management software in the cloud, in line with the year ago figure of 16%.

62% positive on big data

Some 30% of respondents do not have any plans to prioritise big data and 16% do not know whether they have plans or not. But 18% plan to continue their big data efforts, 16% to expand, 10% to start, and 18% to evaluate.

There were no figures for big data in the 2012 IT spending priorities survey, but other comparative figures suggest a continued increase in the prioritisation of business intelligence and data analytics. 

In 2011, for 2012, 40.5% said they were prioritising the broad data management category of business intelligence/analytics/data warehousing; for 2013 the figure is 43.4% (66 respondents as against 53 in the previous year).

Moreover, 14% are, in 2013, prioritising advanced database management systems, such as in-memory, columnar, and NoSQL databases. 

There is no corresponding figure for 2012, but the 2012 Computer Weekly/SearchDataManagement survey of UK specialist data management professional readers found 27% of 125 respondents were planning to increase spending on Hadoop and NoSQL.

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