BT SmartTalk links smartphones with landline accounts

Telecoms giant BT launches an app to enable users to be billed as if using their landline when making calls on their smartphones

BT today launched SmartTalk, a mobile application for making calls on a smartphone over a data connection.

The app enables users to make a call on the move but be billed as if they were using their landline. This means customers can take advantage of any special deals they have on their landline plans, can dial 0800 numbers at no charge and can even make calls from abroad at the same price as a UK call.

“This is a really exciting breakthrough that means you can take your BT calling plan with you and continue saving money when you’re away from home, either in the UK or abroad,” said John Petter, managing director of the consumer division at BT.

“SmartTalk helps you get even more value from your BT package and much more from your smartphone.”

The app enables up to five users to connect per BT contract. The company warned the app worked better over a Wi-Fi connection, but it does allow customers to use their 3G or 4G network if they choose.

BT SmartTalk is another example of the increasing competition faced by traditional telecoms and mobile providers as “over the top” services – such as Skype and WhatsApp – grow in popularity and enable users to communicate on their devices while circumventing the operator’s network.

In May 2012, Telefonica – parent company of O2 – launched its own app called TU Me for making voice calls and sending texts over data connections. In November, Orange followed suit with an app called Libon.

SmartTalk will initially be available on the Apple App Store for iPhones and Google’s Play Store for Android handsets. 

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This will be interesting to see how this works. Could pave the way for usable Lane Lines. I personally never have any use for my land line and its only there for my broadband. If I was in an area with a decent signal I wouldnt even bother with a landline but there you go.

Think I will download this and see how it performs.


the article, and BT, rather conveniently leave out the bit about their quite
ridiculous minimum call 13.87p set-up fee on ''all charged calls''
& also that calls to 070 suffer a set-up charge of 51p. This is nuts
and a rip-off!


My experience of actual call quality is that there is a really long
delay and considerable echo, although I'm using my data package not
wi-fi. I've had to hang up its so bad. Could others post actual call
experience (including provider) please? I'm on o2 - maybe others are
better? Android app on HTC Wildfire S


Martin - its used in conjunction with your Calling Plan. If you have anytime calls - ALL your calls to landlines are inclusive. No set up costs
You can call the UK from abroad, at NO cost !. I used it to call UK from Spain - free call ! I dont think that is nuts - or a rip off


I've had this capability with @voiptalktweets for more than 2 years....and no, I don't work for them :-)


The future is landline call forwarding to mobile app for free, so when out of the office or out of country you get calls with no roaming and no cost. Can even screen callers (VIP & Normal) and have a blacklist. Leads to ACD to Mobiles.


Martin I see you have been trawling the review sites blabbing comments which are false! As Clive so rightly replied it matches your mobile with your home calling plan, so if you have unlimited calls on home phone you also do on your mobile and and therefore NO CALL SET UP FEE!! You should really get your facts right mate before commenting as you only make yourself look a fool!


Great App however users still have to suffer BT's excessive call charges and call set up fees. Try for same concept however with really low cost call rates. Please use Agents code BOSS to subscibe and download your FREE dialler - Thanks