Samsung promises profit despite Apple patent battle

Samsung claims its profits will almost double this quarter, despite its high-profile court case with Apple over iPhone and Galaxy S3 patents

The South Korean mobile manufacturer has claimed its profits will almost double this quarter, despite its high-profile patent battle with Apple.

Samsung has given investors a sneak peek at its upcoming results and, despite the massive legal battle it has been embroiled in against Apple, the figures are high.

Sales for the third quarter of 2012 are set to reach KRW52trn for the South Korean mobile manufacturer, up from just over KRW41trn in the same period last year.

However, it is the profits that really shine, with Samsung expecting to record KRW8.1trn, almost doubling the number from its third quarter in 2011.

The products to thank have been its smartphone line, with the Samsung Galaxy S3 (pictured) taking over as the most shipped handset worldwide at the start of 2012.

But, while boosting its figures, the S3 has also got the company into hot water, with rival Apple taking Samsung to court and claiming it infringed a number of patents by copying the iPhone design.

Samsung strongly denied the claims, but in August a court ruled it was in the wrong and fined the company $1bn.

Samsung said it will fight the decision and "prioritise innovation over litigation", but it is unclear whether it will succeed.

Until then, Samsung can at least look at its figures and know the court battle has not put off many punters yet.

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