Volkswagen dealer improves customer interaction with web chat

Volkswagen dealer Parkway Motor Group is using software to enable it to keep in constant contact with its customers through web chat

Volkswagen dealer Parkway Motor Group is using software to enable it to keep in contact with its customers through web chat.

Parkway Motor Group, with support from its communications supplier Node4, is reacting to changing demands of consumers who prefer e-mail and web chat to telephone calls.

On Parkway Motor Group's website, the company implemented software from contact centre software specialist Zeacom, which gives it a single customer contact platform. This introduces the web chat application and also enables communication to be tracked.

The platform will give contact centre workers information about the number of calls and how quickly they are answered. They can chart busy and quiet periods to help plan.

“More people now want to be contacted via e-mail but we were at a stage where we had no means of monitoring how many e-mails we were getting each day,” said Sean Booth, managing director of Parkway Motor Group.

“At the same time, we were receiving requests from our customers to add web chat to the ways they could get in touch with us. 

"The system we are installing will tackle both of these requirements and enable us to service our customers much more efficiently as a result.”

The software queues contacts regardless of the channel they come through and provides staff with the information they need to deal with them. The application also produces reports for all channels to highlight areas for improvement.

The software helps workers manage their time by informing them of quiet periods when particular tasks can be carried out.

Booth said the automotive industry has embraced digital media, but has been slower than other sectors to use the internet.

“Many motor trade businesses still tend to think of IT as a cost,” he said. “This is a mistake. It is an investment, because there is always a return, whether that’s actually saving money, or the less tangible benefits of customer satisfaction, and of making your business look more professional. 

"You can’t put a figure on those things – they’re invaluable.”

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