TCIO gathers broadband feedback in Silicon Roundabout

The organisation tasked with boosting investment into London's Tech City has called on residents to tell the truth about their broadband experiences

The Tech City Investment Organisation (TCIO) is asking companies around Silicon Roundabout to share their experiences of broadband in the area.   

The group was boosted recently when Vodafone and Amazon announced plans to invest in the East London location and build new bases, but it wants to check out the validity of the facilities on offer as it moves forward.

Once it has received feedback, it will collate the information and give it to the internet service providers (ISPs) supplying the area in the hope they may boost connectivity.

“One of the issues we know is crucial to the Tech City community is the availability of high-speed, reliable, affordable broadband,” read a blog from the TCIO. 

“We want to find out the reality of the broadband situation in the area. While we’re not able to directly overcome infrastructural issues, we’re going to present your concerns to the providers,” it stated.

Organisations that wish to take part can submit their thoughts by the end of August by emailing [email protected] with the subject title "Broadband", or by using the form on its website.

The TCIO is currently looking for a new CEO, following Eric Van der Kleij's announcement in June that he would be returning to the private sector in September. It recently appointed a new deputy CEO, Benjamin Southworth, who had been part of a number of start-ups within the area.

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