Delta brings Wi-Fi to international flights

The US airline will enable Wi-Fi connectivity on its flights serving the UK, along with its other international destinations

Delta Air Lines today announced it would extend its Wi-Fi coverage to international flights, including those serving the UK.

Delta Air Lines already has Wi-Fi services on all internal flights in the US – over 3,000 a day – which enables travellers to get online when the aeroplane is above 10,000 feet.  

Now Delta Air Lines will use high-bandwidth Ku-band capacity satellites to get an internet connection to its international fleet of over 150 aircraft, wherever they are flying in the world.

"Delta's advancements in technology have been a key component to our improvements in the customer travel experience," said Tim Mapes, senior vice-president of marketing at Delta Air Lines.

"With our expansion of international Wi-Fi options across our fleet, Delta customers will be able to stay connected throughout their journey."

Deployments of this scale need large financial backing and the cost has come from a $3bn pot Delta put aside to bring its international services, both on aeroplanes and airports, up-to-date during 2013. 

The international Wi-Fi rollout will begin in 2013 and Delta Air Lines aims to complete it by 2015, giving it a fleet of more than 1,000 Wi-Fi enabled aeroplanes.

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