Cloud computing, automated infrastructure, ITaaS to help IT stay ahead

As consumerisation and tech-savvy users challenge the traditional role of IT, technology pros must use cloud, automation and ITaaS to give their businesses competitive advantage.

Service-based infrastructure and cloud computing services can help IT stay ahead of the consumerisation curve.

IT consumerisation and  “always-on” tech savvy end users challenge the traditional role of IT and force IT professionals to change how they deliver services, said Leigh McMullen, a Gartner Inc. research director.

IT once had the luxury to turn down users’ demands to access corporate applications on their personal devices by saying it is too expensive or too risky -- but end users don’t accept that excuse anymore, McMullen said.

“Today, users are turning back to IT and saying ‘… but I access my banking services on the devices, how come they do it securely and cost-effectively then?’” he added.

By enabling IT as a Service (ITaaS) with the use of cloud computing and virtualisation, IT pros can deliver applications and data to employees anywhere and at any time. Such flexibility and adaptability let companies meet users’ expectations and give the business a competitive advantage, McMullen added.

This will also help the business see IT as a value creator, rather than a cost centre, McMullen added.   

IT pros must also engage with end users and innovate to create systems and applications that help users to be more productive, he said.  

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