Tokyo-Mitsubishi Bank deploys Wyse to boost desktop security

Tokyo-Mitsubishi Bank is replacing desktop PCs with a virtual desktop infrastructure using Wyse desktop and mobile thin clients

Tokyo-Mitsubishi Bank is in the final stages of a global replacement of Windows desktop PCs with Wyse thin clients.

The bank is replacing PCs company-wide with 50,000 Wyse thin clients as part of a data loss prevention strategy and to improve overall security. The thin clients connect to a VMware Vsphere virtual platform with VMware View virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) management software, all running on IBM blade servers.

“Being able to prevent any damage by properly controlling security incidents 100% of the time is important above all else,” said Mizuhiko Tokunaga, systems infrastructure group three manager at Tokyo-Mitsubishi Bank.

He said the bank had three main requirements for its VDI project. First, it needed mobile desktop hardware designed for VDI. Second, it wanted to eliminate the risks of security breaches by malware. Third, it wanted to improve usability, reliability and IT management.

The need for thin clients was driven by head office staff who wanted notebook computers, said Tokunaga.

Controlling security incidents 100% of the time is important above all else.

Mizuhiko Tokunaga, Tokyo-Mitsubishi Bank

Jun Nishii, the bank's systems infrastructure group three senior manager, said: “If you needed a Windows Embedded mobile thin client, Wyse has several to choose from, but for Wyse ThinOS, there were none. Therefore, we visited Wyse Technology headquarters to see what it could do.” 

Wyse revealed it was developing a mobile thin client for ThinOS. The Wyse thin clients based on Wyse ThinOS lock down the hardware and software to reduce the risk of information being leaked.

The bank plans to implement 13,000-14,000 Wyse mobile thin clients, for a total of 50,000 Wyse devices, making up 90% of the bank's office automation environment.

Earlier this month, Dell put in a bid to acquire Wyse to boost its desktop product family with VDI thin client hardware and software.

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