FCO tenders for £350m desktop infrastructure

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) has put out a tender valued up to £350m for a desktop infrastructure framework agreement

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) has put out a tender of up to £350m for a desktop infrastructure framework agreement.

The tender is for service management, integration services and desktop infrastructure. It will cover the FCO’s 18,000 IT users across its 270 global offices. The agreement of between £65m to £350m will last up to six years.

The lot includes the on-going support and maintenance of the existing Microsoft-based legacy Firecrest infrastructure, along with business continuity and disaster recovery services.

The tender also covers service management and integration (SMI) services, including the end-to-end service management of its ICT suppliers and the management of the department's desktop infrastructure and Oracle-based ERP system.

But the note said the range of services provided by the SMI contract is expected to increase over time to cover additional functions.

The agreement will also be open to the UK Border Agency, the British Council and the Department for International Development along with the Ministry of Defence, the Department for Business Innovation and Skills and public bodies with overseas requirements such as the BBC Worldwide, BBC World Service.

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