Hackers attack Panda Labs website in LulzSec revenge attack

Hackers have attacked the website of security firm Panda Labs in retaliation at the arrests of seven hacktivist suspects, including LulzSec leader Hector Xavier Monsegur

Hackers have attacked security site Panda Labs in what appears to be a retaliation against the arrests of seven hacktivist suspects, including leading LulzSec hacker Hector Xavier Monsegur, who helped investigators.

The page was replaced with the message, "Love to LulzSec/Antisec fallen friends". The hackers, thought to be affiliated with LulzSec, accused the firm of helping police arrest other hackers last month. Panda Labs denies LulzSec's claim, reported the BBC.

On 6 March 2012, LulzSec, an offshoot of hacktivist group Anonymous, obtained access to a Panda Security web server hosted outside of the Panda Security internal network. This server was used only for marketing campaigns and to host some of the company’s blogs, said Panda Labs.

“We continue investigating the cause of the intrusion and will provide more details as soon as they become available. Meanwhile we assure all our customers and partners that none of their information has been compromised and that our products and services continue functioning as normal,” Panda Labs said.

Panda Labs’ support forum appeared to still be down at the time of writing (8 March 2012), but the company said it was working on it.

Hackers claiming to be members of LulzSec have been linked to 14 cyber attacks in May and June 2011 on organisations including Sony Music, the UK Serious Organised Crime Agency, US Senate, and CIA.

LulzSec, an offshoot of hacktivist network Anonymous, is believed to have caused billions of dollars in damage to governments, international banks and businesses.


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