Microsoft launches Windows 8 OS at Mobile World Congress 2012

Microsoft will use Mobile World Congress 2012 to launch the public test version of Windows 8 OS

Microsoft will later today use Mobile World Congress 2012 to launch the public test version of Windows 8 operating system (OS).

Microsoft is expected to explain its technology plans for the tablet PC market.

Windows 8 OS, which follows the developer preview of last September, is designed to support tablet users. Windows 8 OS on desktops and laptops will look the same as Windows 7 OS.

However, Windows 8 OS is designed for ease of use on any device, as a result of the trend towards mobile devices such as tablet PCs. 

Metro, the touch-centric user interface, will be the new homepage for Windows on tablet PCs. Microsoft is addressing the changing habits of computer users as tablet PC sales soar.

Mobile Word Congress is the annual get-together of the IT industry, focused on mobile computing.

Clive Longbottom, analyst at Quocirca, said Windows 8 OS will support new ways that people use personal computing devices.

He said Windows 8 OS will support touch screens that enable multi-touches, rather than single touches, which is critical on tablet PCs. 

“Although Microsoft already supported touch-screens it did not give you the same experience as Apple and Android,” said Longbottom.

In the Windows developer preview, Microsoft said: “To help companies unleash the full power of their workforce, Windows 8 puts people at the centre of every experience. 

"This means enabling personalised and seamless connections to people and information while helping to protect sensitive data from device to data centre with built-in malware resistance, strong authentication, and data encryption.”

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