From the Editors: Black gold, mobile BI, stemming youth unemployment

Predictive analytics is helping global oil industries and local youth charities alike, but Gartner has its own prediction of the role of mobile BI in 2012.

Industries don’t come much bigger or more strategic than oil and gas. Wars are fought over it. Nations base claims to the economic wisdom of self-determination on it. And it is a rich field for predictive analytics.

Predictive analytics software is being used in the oil and gas industry to better manage asset maintenance on capital equipment. Canada-based oil and gas company Nexen is using predictive analytics software to help predict when equipment needs replacing or cleaning. And Statoil, a Norway-based oil and gas company is using analytics tools to minimise the environmental impact of drilling and exploration.

Research firm Gartner’s London summits on business intelligence and Master Data Management mark the beginning of another year in data management. 2012 signals the serious advent of mobile BI, said Gartner analyst Andreas Bitterer, as the firm presented the need for better BI strategy and structure in a landscape characterised by constant intra-organisational struggle and slender cloud adoption.

At its MDM summit, Gartner urged IT leaders to pay more attention to information governance as the European economy worsens and corporate organisations face tougher regulations and data leaks. One fifth of CIOs in regulated industries will lose their jobs for failing to implement the information governance properly, the firm predicts.

While oil and gas is at one end of the scope and scale of analytics, Medway Youth Trust, a charity, is at the other. There, a small team has deployed IBM SPSS Modeller to identify school pupils at risk of becoming NEET – not in employment, education and training. The trust’s youth workers have used the system to reduce the number of young people who do become NEET. This was a relatively small scale project, but it won the Gartner BI Excellence Award in EMEA, thanks to delegate votes at the firm’s BI summit.

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