News International provides genius bar for staff

News International is creating an Apple-like genius bar to support users who bring their own devices to work.

In a CIO panel discussion at the Business Cloud Summit 2011 in London, Paul Cheesbrough, CIO of News International, spoke of how the company is creating an Apple-like genius bar to help users set up their own devices at work. 

Cheesbrough left Telegraph Media Group in 2010 to head up IT at News International, where he is driving the media company's cloud strategy. In his previous role, Cheesbrough pioneered the roll-out of Google Apps at Telegraph Media Group.

“It is important to give users the flexibility to use their own device," he said. "We have a technology bar. You choose your hardware, and you can drop in and have an expert talk through the device.” 

As in his previous post, Cheesbrough is pushing the cloud deep into the News International culture. The browser is a core application at the organisation.

News International completed a refresh of its hardware last year. “We see platform-as-a-service as the way forward,” he said.

Cheesbrough said cloud injects agility into the enterprise, supports collaboration across departments, and is supporting mobile working. He admitted that when he joined the news organisation last year, there was a lot of resistance to cloud from the traditional technology team, but "we were sitting on a burning platform and we had to act”. 

News International has just deployed Google Apps.

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