Shoalhaven Council adopts hosted IP telephony

Shoalhaven City Council will adopt unified communications for 680 staff, relying on a hosted solution to improve the services it currently offers with a 12-year-old PBX.

Shoalhaven City Council will adopt a hosted, IP-based  unified communications solution from Interactive Intelligence, replacing a 12-year old PABX as part of a plan to increase the level of service the organisation can offer to the rapidly growing population it serves.

CallTime Solutions will implement the new system, which will be based on Interactive Intelligence’s Customer Interaction Center (CIC) product. 680 business users and contact centre employees will use the software across over six sites in its initial phase of implementation. These sites include the Council’s main administration offices in Nowra and Ulladulla, its library, regional tourist centre and two council depots.

Although the council is located on the South Coast of NSW, CIC will be hosted in a Sydney data centre and will connect through to all council sites in Nowra via a 10Mbps microwave network link and an intra-council Virtual Private Network.

“For council’s customers, it will both improve and standardise the council experience they receive with calls routed to the right person in a process that will be faster and more efficient,” said John Rushton, communications and electrical manager, Shoalhaven City Council. “In addition, the architecture’s in-built redundancy will provide us with business continuity enabling us to route calls to different locations in times of emergencies.”

A second deployment phase will see CIC deployed to smaller sites on a cost-benefit basis. CIC will also be deployed for contact centre and business users at the Shoalhaven Emergency Operations Centre and regional Rural Fire Service.

CIC will also integrate with the council’s existing MERIT CRM system while the solution’s built-in call and screen recording, supervisory monitoring and agent screen pop-ups will enable the council to track each call. This will help improve training, documentation and quality assurance.

Shoalhaven City Council plans to complete deployment by the end of March this year.


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