Law firm Ashurst uses hosted service to support disaster recovery

Law firm Ashurst is using a hosted service to support its disaster recovery strategy.

Law firm Ashurst is using a hosted service to support its disaster recovery strategy.

The company is using Mimecast's UK-hosted journaling service to provide e-mail archiving for 2,000 users across 13 countries who keep confidential e-mail data within the UK borders.

Paolo Picone, IT systems manager at Ashurst, said, "Some of our clients work in regulated industries, and they stipulated that all their data needed to be stored in the UK."

Ashurst has used the Mimecast e-mail archiving service to provide a tamper-proof record of e-mail with a forensic data trail of who has accessed or been copied in on e-mails as well as a complete record of where and when they had been stored, Picone said. "We know now that, should the need ever arise, our e-mail data would stand up to scrutiny because Mimecast gives us strong chains of custody."

The service provides customisation that has been used to enable disclaimer notices on users' sent e-mail messages to be written in their choice of language. Mimecast also links into the company's Active Directory.

Picone said Ashurst has also deployed Mimecast's spam, content and anti-virus filtering software. The Ashurst IT support team were increasingly spending administration time simply reviewing the ever-increasing amount of spam and false-positive e-mails sat waiting for review in quarantine.

Picone estimated that managing e-mail was occupying one full-time member of his team, not only in analysing e-mail quarantines, but also in time spent on internal hardware maintenance and upgrades. "Mimecast has eliminated the quarantine issue for us as and the majority of spam is stopped before it can enter the perimeter of our network," Picone said.

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