Microsoft grilled by Lords over internet security

The Lords House of Science and Technology Committee is to grill Microsoft over internet security tomorrow.

The Lords House of Science and Technology Committee is to grill Microsoft over internet security tomorrow.

The Lords committee has already questioned credit card giant Visa and banking clearing association Apacs, along with others in the financial services industry, concerning the perceived shortcomings of internet security.

Tomorrow it will be Microsoft’s turn to give evidence to the Lords, who are expected to question the company over security in its new Windows Vista operating system and the Internet Explorer 7 browser.

A Lords spokesman said the firm is also likely to be questioned about steps the software giant has taken to protect its customers online, as well as how the technology industry can do more to safeguard the public from internet based criminals.

Jerry Fishenden, Microsoft national technology officer, and Matt Lambert, the firm’s government affairs director, will give evidence.

The two Microsoft representatives will also be pressed on Microsoft’s record of co-operating with competitors to ensure internet users are protected, said the spokesman.

Also giving evidence are Adam Laurie and Alan Cox, professionals in the data protection industry and experts on open source software.

The evidence session will take place at 3.40pm on Wednesday 17 January and will be broadcast live on

APACS and Visa grilled over online crime

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