Backup hardware award finalists

Find out who the finalists are in this year's product of the year for the backup hardware category

Data Domain DDX
This array contains a new controller, the DD560, which fully configured offers up to 6.4 terabytes per hour of sustained throughput and up to 15 petabytes of capacity for long-term online retention of backup data.

Diligent Technologies Corp. ProtecTier VTL
This product is OEMed by Hitachi and was the first virtual tape library (VTL) to ship in 2006 with hardware-based deduplication.

Exabyte Corp. Magnum 224 LTO (Ultrium) tape library
This product allows small and midsized business (SMB) users, who don't normally have access to an automated tape library, to benefit from the technology.

IBM TS1120 tape drive
IBM has added native encryption to the tape drive and includes public key encryption for sharing of data and a key management system.

Idealstor FrankeNAS v. 2
Many small and midsized shops are switching to removable disks for offsite backups. This midrange product allows users to have an onsite network attached storage (NAS) box that allows them to back up continuously to enterprise-class SATA disks and then remove them.

Network Appliance Inc. NearStore VTL
This high-performance, enterprise-class virtual tape library (VTL) offers hardware-based compression. A tape ShadowCopy feature allows backup software integration, which many VTLs lack.

Sepaton Inc. S2100-ES2 VTL
The second version of Sepaton's disk-only VTL shipped in 2006 with an online replication option built in, along with a deduplication option. Sepaton also addressed security by partnering with NeoScale for encryption.

Sun Microsystems Inc./StorageTek T10000 tape drive
At 500 GB (native) capacity per cartridge and 120 megabytes per second throughput, the T10000 more than doubles the capacity and highest native throughput of the previous generation T9940 tape drive.

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