Sainsbury's back online after £1.5m glitch

Sainsbury's online shop , which...

Sainsbury'sonline shop, which was hit by "an internal software glitch", is to resume delivery of goods ordered online from Saturday morning.

"We are pleased to advise customers that our home delivery website will be up and running after 6pm (on Thursday) and will be accepting new orders and amendments to existing orders. Deliveries will resume from 8am on Saturday morning," the firm said.

The 48-hour stoppage cost the company £1.5m in lost business and compensation vouchers, Computer Weekly has estimated.

Sainsbury's said the glitch related to how the system processed customer orders, but gave no further details beyond denying that hackers had compromised the website.

About 90,000 people a week shop online at Sainsbury's. But only between 8,000 and 10,000 were involved in the glitch, the firm said. It has offered them £10 vouchers to spend online in compensation.

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